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What People Say - Belhaven Testimonials

"I can always spot a Belhaven child for manners, politeness and general ways of going about things. The children are confident enough to have proper two-way conversations and discussions with adults and not feel intimidated by them." (Senior School Housemaster)

"Through their time at Belhaven, each of our children has developed tremendously in confidence, as measured by interactions with both peers and adults. Our friends tell us they can see a change in them when in conversation etc. I like the fact that Belhaven gives a lot of importance to manners, being kind and being responsible. These are the building blocks of being a successful and happy adult." (Parent)

"The children run around school with pride and always seem to have huge grins on their faces. After we looked around the school and sat chatting to the children at lunch I asked them if they had been bribed in sweets to be so positive about the school they go to! The staff couldn't be more helpful and interested in each individual child, helping and supporting them as they go up the school. BH is one big happy family." (Parent)

"I like the fact that the children are allowed to be children while still being prepared for their next stage of life. I love seeing hollowed out pumpkins on the front steps to greet them after October half term and the importance of earning the right to put their sports bag into the cricket pavilion in the summer, teddies on their beds at all ages and a jovial yet respectful relationship with members of staff…" (Parent)

"Seeing the grins on the pupils' faces at evening pick-up - both those going home and the majority who are heading in for supper ... To know one's child is part of such a happy school is a real joy." (Parent)

"Before we sent our kids to Belhaven, we were told by many friends that we had to visit the school to understand why it was just 'so special'. Now after 6 years there as a parent, and being very involved in the school, I still can't put my finger on just one thing. It's the traditional values, the confidence, courtesy and great manners that the children leave with. It's the all round education, massive range of activities, skills and care they receive during their time. Most importantly though, it seems to be that Belhaven Hill gets the best from every child. (Parent)

"Excellent all round education that focuses on education in its broadest sense. The most wonderful Learning Support department. Great match teas!" (Parent)

"Happy, safe, home from home environment as evidenced by two very happy children." (Parent)

"Belhaven excels in producing confident and articulate young children." (Parent)

"Whatever the child, the school seems to find their best self and enhance it. There is a real danger that for children from Belhaven, senior school will be a terrible disappointment, because education will probably never be as much fun again. The school undoubtedly does turn out rounded individuals who are able to find the best in every situation." (Parent)

"We liked the pupils and former pupils that we had met - they all seemed to be well-rounded, warm and easy-going children who had good manners and enormous charm and confidence." (Parent)

"Staff appear effortlessly to achieve the often mutually exclusive combination of high standards and expectations in a caring, supportive and low pressure environment." (Parent)

"We adore Belhaven - it has been the best thing for our child and is bringing out the very best in him every day." (Parent)

Tatler-2016"The smartest, most prestigious prep in Scotland," says our spy. We love Belhaven for its stunning coastal setting (they play cricket on ‘God’s Astro’ – the beach at low tide), its shortbread and, most of all, for its dream team at the top, Innes and Sandy MacAskill (he’s fondly known as Big Mac – not to his face, of course). ‘Innes is a hoot,’ says one mother; more importantly, he’s a stickler for good manners and has excellent links with all the big senior schools in England and Scotland. Everyone boards for the final two years – dorms are warm and recently refurbished (pocket-sprung mattresses partout), and we’re told that pastoral care ‘is second to none’. Their sports teams are pretty much invincible, and last year’s CE results were the best ever, with 40 per cent of the year group winning scholarships.

Tatler-2015"Belhaven is described as having 'the polish of an English prep school and the innocence of a Scottish one'. It's known for sending children south to Eton, Harrow and Oundle, although many also go to Glenalmond and Fettes, closer to home. A traditional place, with a bracing coastal location (the dorms are cosy, with sea views), it does childhood well: beach riding, gardening, carpentry, apple-picking, fly-tying and, in the new outdoor classroom, bushcraft and tending to bird boxes. Belhaven is so popular that the school has introduced a new entry level for seven-year-olds. The netball team was unbeaten for a fourth year running and the chamber choir triumphed at the Edinburgh Music Festival. To top that, a new library is on its way."

639365“For a small place, Belhaven packs a powerful punch, sending pupils off to all the best senior schools north and south of the border (lots to Eton). They're a natural, chatty bunch who love their school. 'We're all mates,' one tells us. The vast majority board, taking advantage of the blissful coastal setting and the ever-growing list of activities: surfing for the hardy; fly-tying and calligraphy for gentler souls. Don't mess with the Belhaven netball girls - the first team has been unbeaten for three years - and the under-nine boys' cricket and rugby teams are formidable. They're mad about reeling and (spare us) a third of pupils play the pipes. We presented the head's wife, Sandy MacAskill, with our Power Behind the Throne award last year. She's 'everyone's go-to person - a real dynamo', we're told.” (Tatler)