Eyemouth Beach Litter Clean

Finding-fishing-rope On Saturday 22 June, 22 girls volunteered to spend the day doing a litter sweep on Eyemouth Beach in order to help St Abbs and Eyemouth Marine Reserve do a survey of what they found. The girls spent an hour and a half picking up various bits of litter from the 100-metre stretch, mostly small bits of plastic, a lot of it from fish lines and ropes but also wrappers, and also some fabrics, bits of cans and whole ropes themselves.  The Marine Reserve does a litter survey as part of the Marine Conservation Society’s beach watch programme four times a year on the same stretch of beach. Lucy-and-the-starfish



Lyle and Genine, the Marine Rangers, took notes of all the various items of litter that were picked up. After that, we all had lunch on the beach, enjoying the cool but sunny weather.


The Marine Rangers then gave a small talk to the girls about rock pooling, gave them a net and a tray for two and off they went! It felt like a real adventure and we were all very impressed at how good and patient the girls were in catching various sea creatures they found in the rock pools. They caught many crabs, blennys, scorpion fish, flat fish, starfish, hermit crabs and shrimps. It was very exciting!



A huge well done to all the girls, they were absolutely fantastic and to Lyle and Genine, the Marine Rangers from St Abbs and Eyemouth Marine Reserve!


Below is a report written by some of the participants:-


VB, 29/06/2019