Be Resolute ...

Apologies for the radio silence; I’m not sure quite where the time has gone this term and can’t believe that we are almost at the end of January already. Congratulations to those of you who have managed a dry January or Veganuary or whatever resolutions you made for yourself in 2019. I am afraid to say that I have not really entered into the spirit of things and will remain enjoying all my vices through the dark days ahead.
I have however decided to join a group of 19 other Headmasters who have agreed to undertake some grizzly, physical challenge in Wales in August, involving chasing the sun from dawn to dusk by canoe, bike and on foot. I will spare you the gory details at this stage but it is to raise money for the ‘Heads together’ (geddit?) charity supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools. Training will begin in earnest at some point ...
In other news, we have had a very busy first three weeks of term which have included plenty of reeling practices for the Form 1s and 2s, in preparation for the Belhaven Reels Party on Saturday 9th February – which, incidentally, is the day that Scotland take on Ireland in Edinburgh (I wonder if I can still go to the match and make it back in time….?).
We’ve had a fair few fixtures, both netball and hockey (and football for the U9s), although the weather has also spoilt a few. As I write the seniors have just returned from a three-day tour north, winning all their hockey, netball and rugby matches along the way – it sounds as though a good time was had by all.
We have been visited by the Headmaster of Strathallan, who came to Belhaven for the first time and was hugely impressed, both by what he saw and everyone he met. The public school interview season is well under way and the academic scholarships begin tomorrow, with prelims for those boys sitting for Radley and Oundle.

The Spelling Challenge and Mastermind heats have both begun and there have been several outings – including a memorable boarders’ trip to Eyemouth for ten-pin bowling, penny slots and fish & chips and ice cream - and charity events too, including a Tea Party for Contact the Elderly in the Rosie Room this afternoon.


Be Resolute 1Be-Resolute-2
Apart from academic scholarship, this week we have one boy off to Winchester for interview and another to Harrow for his Sports Scholarship. There are matches against Loretto (Hockey) and St. Mary’s (Netball) as well as reeling practice for rusty parents (?) on Wednesday evening. Friday is not only the start of the second ‘Out’ weekend but also the 1st of February so to those of you who have enjoyed/endured dry January: chin, chin!
That is all.

Henry Knight, 29/01/2019