Remembering the Fallen

As part of our Remembrance week activities, Mrs Leitch shared some of her family's letters and photos, with Form 4.

Mrs Leitch's family all fought with the Gordon Highlander's, apart from Great Great Uncle Albert, who was sent to Canada as a fifteen year old school boy (with his Latin master!) to start a new life.  He fought for the Canadian Engineers.
Sadly, Great Great Uncle Lennox Farquharson never made it home and died on the 3rd April 1917 at Arras in France.  His death was relayed to his mother by a letter from the Battalion Chaplain.
Form 4 were able to pick up, read and even smell the old letters and photos - Lucy even spotted a fingerprint on one, that had been left by its author.


Karen Leitch, 07/11/2018