RNIB visit

On Friday, 12th October, Angela Preston, who is the Area Fundraising Manager for the RNIB, and Jackie Brown, came to talk to the children during assembly about raising money for a new Talking Books for the RNIB library in the Dunbar Community. Jackie Brown was well known to the children and staff of Belhaven in the 1990s but in 1998, while working at Belhaven Hill as a member of the kitchen staff, Jackie was told she had the disease called retinitis pigmentosa and, shortly afterwards, became a registered blind person, eventually losing her sight completely.

To help raise money towards the new Talking Books RNIB library in Dunbar, a cake sale was kindly offered as a possibility by Virginie Brodie and the Charity Club next term, and Mike Gale is keen to organise a concert for this cause.  Mandy Parks, has taken the idea of losing your sight and not being able to read, or see, in this modern world to heart. She has decided to walk the Pennine Way with her black lab, Humphrey, in July 2019 (a mere 268 miles) and has chosen to dedicate this walk towards raising funds for Jackie's cause.  Mandy would be delighted if you were to visit her fundraising page to find out more about this challenge and she thanks you in advance for any donations made!
Jackie explained to the children that Talking Books have been a wonderful way to help her cope with an otherwise very lonely world of blindness.  After the assembly, Jackie visited the Form 5 classroom with her guide dog, Annie, and listened to some of the children present their talks as a practice for the Spoken English Competition.  Both Jackie and Angela loved hearing the children’s talks and said that they really enjoyed their visit to the school.
We, as a school, will be supporting Mandy in her quest to raise money for such a worthwhile cause, particularly as it is so closely linked to Belhaven, and very much hope that you will choose to do the same.

Mrs Parks, 15/10/2018