Fancy Dress Day! 

On Tuesday the first of May, the whole school took part in a Film Characters' Fancy Dress Day, organised by the Belhaven Hill school charity club.

The pupils dressed up as their favourite film characters, including the BFG, Mary Poppins, the Cat in the Hat, James Bond and the Flash. (Spot them in the slide show at the end)

The event was in favour of the NSPCC. £1 was donated from each student’s Eagle account and was given to them. The NSPCC also did a talk and workshop on the day.

At 10.35, the start of break, all the pupils went to the front steps to have their photo taken. Each student had a photo taken of them individually,  and one large photo of the whole school. At the end of Lunch, the winners of the Junior and Senior fancy dress competitions were announced by Miss Graham.

The junior winner (Forms 6-4) was Eugenia Ramsay, dressed as Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, and the Senior winner (Forms 3-1) was Flossy Baxter, dressed as an octopus called Hank from Finding Dory.

Everyone had great fun on the Fancy dress day. It really put the ‘cool’ in school!

Written by Polly Watson (Dressed as a pink lady from Grease!)


Polly Watson, 09/05/2018