Kilgraston Rounders Tournament


The girls bundled into the bus full of nerves. Using the most significant event of the season to have one’s first match is not exactly easing ourselves in but nonetheless, we had it all to prove, having narrowly missed out on the final last year.

Scotland’s glorious summer weather pushed proceedings onto Kilgraston’s large astro which sent the girls into a bit of a tizz; ‘rounders on astro turf?!’ Surprisingly effective, apart from the squeaky trainers.

Our first match, against Craigclowan, was a bit of a battle. Every half counted as it seemed the nerves were getting the better of both sides. A few fumbles here and some missed swings there brought the game to a 7-7 draw. A fair start.

Kilgraston next who, after watching from the side-lines, put the fear into our girls with their fantastic batting. ‘Suck it up!’, Belhaven were told and on they strode into their fielding positions. The phrase ‘pulled it out the bag’, springs to mind. The nerves faded and Belhaven’s fielding was top class. Special mention must go to Ella T who ‘3rd deeped’ like there was no tomorrow; she must have covered a good couple of miles running after that rounders ball! A win of 13½-9 secured three points.

The final match of our pool against St. Mary’s, the decider of who proceeds to the final, was tense. The two coaches stood on the side-lines with baited breath. Belhaven, confident to the last in the batting and fielding took home the win: 13-5.

Final, here we come.

Fettes have been very strong for a number of years. The thought of playing them in the final had pushed Belhaven to mentally concede before they had even stepped out onto the pitch. A wee pep talk and a chant of our 3Cs later and we were up, looking confident. Or at least, pretending to look confident. Captain Kiki opened the batting with an absolute corker … a fantastic confidence boost for the others who had something to cheer about. From then on, the girls batted out of their skins, finding chinks in the Fettes' field to send the ball sailing through. Fettes’ fielders were strong, however, forcing Belhaven to stop at 2nd post and tot up the halves. Belhaven’s excellent fielding brought the final score to 6½-3½.

Gold medals for Belhaven Hill!

Remember the 3Cs to success:
Calm, confident, communicative.

Laura Graham, 04/05/2018