Charity Skipping Challenge

raises more than just the heart rate

The children have a put a fantastic effort into the Skipping Challenge to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. So far, they have raised more than £ 1,940 and some still have not brought their Sponsor Form with the money back so we are still unsure about the total amount!

Every pupil had set themselves a challenge, for some it was to skip for 2 minutes, for others 25 minutes.
Others set the challenge of doing 10 skips because they find it so hard!
The pupils have been practising a huge amount in their free time. Well done to all of you!

Form 1,2,3 and 4 did their challenge on Saturday 10th February, a few hours before the Reels Party.
Form 5 and 6 did theirs on Monday 10th February during their PE lesson with Mr Mylne.

Skipping-Challenge-1 Skipping-Challenge-12 Skipping-Challenge-15


Skipping-Challenge-17 Skipping-Challenge-18 Skipping-Challenge-2

Skipping-Challenge-9 Skipping-Challenge-4 Skipping-Challenge-7

Skipping-Challenge-20 Skipping-Challenge-6 Skipping-Challenge-5

A huge thank you and congratulations for completing your challenges and raising an incredible amount!
Video of live action to be posted - keep checking!

Virginie Brodie, 22/02/2018