Autumn Term
Charity Success

This autumn term the Belhaven Hill Charity Club has been very busy!

Their first project was postcards. 5 photos were selected last term and were turned into beautiful postcards. The pupils are able to buy these special cards from the school shop and parents can also buy them on special occasions. So far, thanks to the sale of those postcards, the charity club has raised over £120!

Next came the Halloween games on the 31st of October - actual Halloween! The Charity Club set up a number of games for the pupils of Belhaven to play. There was Pin the Bow on the Skeleton as well as Doughnuts on a String. There were also less recognisable games such as Lollypops in a Pumpkin. In this game contestants would pull a lollypop out of a pumpkin, if the lollypop had red nail varnish on the handle the contestant would win a small bag of sweets. If it had orange nail varnish on it the contestant would win one sweet and if there was nothing on it the contestant would win a Halloween joke so whatever the result the contestant would win the lollypop!

The other game was much simpler. The 4 patrols, Lions, Wolves, Owls and Woodpeckers would each hunt for one thing: orange pumpkin coloured stones or pebbles. The patrol that got the most of these would win points. After a lot of hunting Wolves won the prize.

Then came Belhaven’s tastiest game ever: the Smartie boxes! The contestants each got a tube of smarties. When they had finished eating them, the contestants had to fill up the tubes with as many 20p pieces as possible. £12 is the highest amount that you can get in a Smartie box. The final amount raised was £539.40.

A bit after that came the Guess Who Game. 4 portraits of different people from the charity club activity were put out around the school. Each portrait had its form class written on it. You can tell the contestants job from the name of the game! The winners were Saul and Grace Fletcher and Tom Walford.

The last activity was the Food Bank Collection. Kind pupils and parents brought bags of food and toiletries to Mme Brodie’s classroom, where the Charity club sorted them out into boxes. The food bank took them away after a talk given by Peter, from East Lothian Food Bank, on Thursday the 16th November 2017. We raised an amazing 158 kilograms, more than three times the amount we raised last year. A huge thank you goes to all the pupils and parents for their generous donations!

Thank you everyone for all the effort you’ve put into last year’s activity. Hopefully 2018 will go just as well!

Reported by Polly Watson 

Polly Watson, 25/01/2018