An Introduction to First Aid and Germs

The first session began with a chat all about germs.  I don’t know whether the Science Dept will like the ‘clipart’ pictures of germs that I used, but it emphasized the importance of handwashing.  Knowing that there could be, potentially, 3000 microbes per square inch on a computer keyboard and only 49 microbes per square inch on a toilet, this made an interesting discussion for the group.

It was soon time to test our own handwashing skills.
Hands before being washed

Each pupil was given some ‘germ powder’ to rub into their hands and were then asked to go and wash their hands as they would normally do.
The results were interesting and, thankfully, we have some excellent handwashers at Belhaven!

One washed hand; one unwashed hand. Which is which?

Those who washed their hands properly had no sign of the ‘germ powder’ left on their hands when we placed them under the UV light.
Perfectly washed hands!

However, there is always one person who wants to see what happens if you don’t wash your hands well – their hands were still covered in the powder which glows white under the UV lamp!
Remind me not to sit next to this person at the dining table!

Katie Gale, 26/01/2017