Oystercatcher trays for DT Hut roof 

With Form 3 enjoying an extended play practice Belhaven Hill's Form 4s gave the pitches a rest and avoided the mud and the wrath of the laundry ladies by spending Monday's rugby practice on Conservation Club duties.

First they gathered gravel from behind the gardeners' shed until they had collected a huge amount. Then they carried the buckets to the DT Hut where Mr Rawson waited, perched precariously on a ladder. The purpose-built oystercatcher trays were made at the beginning of term from pallets and plastic sheet from election signs.

These were hoisted aloft and covered in a 3 inch layer of gravel. Hopefully, the black and white oystercatchers that feed on our muddy pitches through the winter will spot the trays as they swoop over the wall from Winterfield golf course.

With a lovely view over the pitches at a safe height from cats, dogs and other ground predators it should be the ideal spot to set up home and raise a little fluffy family.
Well done to all involved!

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New build in desirable location with beautiful aspect....

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Hard work from the bucket chain then off to the beach!

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Tom Rawson, 10/11/2015