Form 4s plant out bumper acorn and hazelnut crops 

This year proved to be a very good year for acorns and hazelnuts and Belhaven Hill's conservationists took full advantage of the bonanza.

Mr Rawson Form 4 science class set to work on Saturday morning to plant out as many as possible in big tubs to germinate (sprout) over the winter.

The seeds will be dug up in the spring to see which ones have started to grow.

We also planted some monkey puzzle seeds to produce a crop of unusual ornamental trees. These trees come from Patagonia in South America where there are no monkeys. However, their smooth trunks, spiky branches and delicious seeds mean that they will be a tempting challenge for any monkeys at Belhaven Hill!

Victor Strang Steel collected a huge number of hazelnuts and acorns over half-term. This means that we could have nearly three times as many oak and hazel seedlings as last year
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Tom Rawson, 05/11/2015