Form 4s Propagate Plants from Cuttings

Mr Rawson's Form 4 Science class spent a lesson learning to grow plants from cuttings.

Each child picked 20 box cuttings from the ornamental hedges in the Walled Garden. They then carefully stripped away most of the leaves and cut the stalk carefully with a pair of scissors.

Every cutting (There were around 180!) was then firmed into a punnet of compost. The punnets have been collected by members of staff.

The punnets of plants were then carefully wrapped in clear plastic bags and placed on the classroom window sill.

Each punnet of plants now has its own little greenhouse!

We hope that the cuttings should sprout roots within the next month and we will be able to transfer them to the milk-bottle nursery.

Eventually, we will return the little trees to fill in the gaps in the ornamental box hedging in the Walled Garden.



This is a long-term project but the possibilities for growing plants from cuttings are endless.
Well done to all involved!